1. ITV Report

More wet and windy weather on the way

Plenty of sunshine around today, but it's only a brief break from the unsettled weather. Overnight more cloud rolls in from the southwest, ahead of that cloud we can expect some misty patches across eastern counties. The cloud stops temperatures falling too far, lows of 9C but many places will be much milder.

Friday sees pulses of heavy rain pushing in from Pembrokeshire during the early morning and sweeping up across Wales. Whilst the southeastern corner of the country may get away with lighter and showery rain, the bulk of western and northern parts may see a spell of heavy rain.

Into the afternoon the winds once again become much stronger and gusty around the coasts. Temperatures generally 13-14C during the wetter spells but up to 16C if it turns a little brighter.

More rain pushes through on Friday night in to Saturday. That sets us up for a weekend of sunny spells and showers ahead of more wet weather pencilled for Monday.