1. ITV Report

Weather: Storm update

Through the evening, heavy rain will push across Wales and the winds will rapidly increase. Yellow warnings are in force for north Wales as the rain heads north, Amber warnings are in force for the strong gusty winds across mid and south Wales. Yellow warning in force further north.

Gusts may widely reach 60-70mph, but in exposed areas these could reach 80-90mph. This is enough to cause structural damage, uprooted trees and fallen branches could cause major and widespread disruption to rail, roads and possibly power supplies.

On top of the strong winds there will be significant rainfall with 20-30mm expected widely, but up to 40mm. This rain falls on already saturated ground allowing for the risk of surface water flooding. This may be exacerbated by leaves blown from trees and blocking drains.

The Met Office has asked people to stay indoors overnight and to seriously consider whether, for safety reasons, to change travel plans in response to the warnings in force. Suggestions include working from home, or travelling later in the day once the worst of the weather has passed.

It will be a windy and showery day to start on Monday with winds easing. The heavy rain is expected to continue during the morning across NE Wales as the storm pulls away.

There is likely to be widespread disruption through Monday even as the storm dies down with heavy showers and blustery winds.

Tuesday and Wednesday expect sunny spells and showers ahead of more rain on Thursday.