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Sharp End 31st October 2013

This week's Sharp End is a bit different. We've taken the programme to Westminster and have a panel of four MPs lined up to discuss the Welsh politics of the day.

One Welsh MP, Ann Clwyd, has been very much in the news this week following her review into the way the NHS in England handles complaints. That review sprang from a very painful personal experience - the treatment of her late husband immediately prior to his death - and that happened in a Welsh hospital not one in England. It's one reason why she thinks there should be an inquiry into potential problems in hospitals on this side of Offa's Dyke. The Welsh Government is resisting that call but will it be able to keep refusing?

I've also brought together two people who've been thinking about the future of the United Kingdom. The Conservative MP for Lichfield, Michael Fabricant and the former Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price may not agree on the ultimate outcome; after all the latter wants an independent Wales and the former wants a strengthened United Kingdom. But in the medium to long term there's a surprising amount of agreement between them.

Adrian Masters interviewing Adam Price and Michael Fabricant Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

We'll also be discussing ways of improving rail links across the north. With plans well advanced to electrify the main line to Swansea and Valley lines, it looks like the south is being taken care of. But there are no firm plans for a similar electrification of the line to Holyhead and Owain Phillips has been trying to find out if other efforts will be enough.

My studio guests in London are four MPs: Labour's Ian Lucas, the Conservative Glyn Davies, Plaid Cymru's Hywel Williams and the Liberal Democrat Mark Williams.

Join us at 1035pm on ITV Cymru Wales.

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