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Matthew Maynard in line for Glamorgan return

The new Glamorgan Head Coach hopes Matthew Maynard will return on a part-time basis Photo: David Davies/PA Archive

Former Glamorgan Director of Cricket Matthew Maynard is in line to make a return to the county almost four years after walking out due to a behind-the-scenes dispute.

Newly installed Head Coach Toby Radford, who joined Glamorgan on Friday in place of Australian Matthew Mott, has revealed that he now hopes Maynard will rejoin the Swalec Stadium next season in his back-room coaching staff on a part time basis.

I think definitely look to bring Matt Maynard in who's been a Glamorgan stalwart and I'm sure we'll get him in at some point to do a little bit of work here.

We just need to work out in what capacity and at what stage of the season but I'd like to bring him in at some point.

Matt's got so much to offer. I worked with him before and he knows a lot of the guys and I think he'll add something. I think even if it's so many days a year we'll probably look to try and bring him in.

– Toby Radford

Since leaving Glamorgan in 2010 Maynard has plied his trade all over the world, most notably in South Africa, whilst also having to deal with the death of his 23-year-old son Tom in 2012, in whose memory he now manages the Tom Maynard Trust.

His return will see him join up with fellow ex-players Robert Croft and Steve Watkin in Radford's coaching set-up, a move that the Radford believes will add a important blend of history and experience.

Maynard after completing The Tom Maynard Trust Bike Ride in 2012 Credit: Nigel French/EMPICS Sport

Matt's doing lots of things around the world and he has the Tom Maynard Trust, he does a bit of work in the Caribbean in the Caribbean Premier League so I think we'd need to find a few days a year where he could come in and add real value to everything else that we're doing.

I think what you'll have then is you'll have a good mix with Robert Croft, with Steve Watkin, Matt coming in doing bits, you'll have the players of the past with a lot of knowledge, a lot of local knowledge from here and then hopefully, as I said, with me coming in with the Welsh roots but with experiences from outside you've got that balance of both I think. You're covering all bases.

– Toby Radford