1. ITV Report

Sharp End 7th November 2013

We're still digesting the significance of the changes announced by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister last week. There's still a lot of detail missing about what the changes will mean for the financial powers of the Welsh Government so we'll try to plug the gap. And what are the chances of a referendum on income tax taking place in the next few years?

Meanwhile, former Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan has been quiet about matters relating to Wales since she left the cabinet in last year's reshuffle. But she hasn't stopped thinking about such matters and has her own ideas for improving devolution.

Last but not least, they fell victim to the Prime Ministerial domination of last week's Sharp End but this week you WILL be able to see what happened when I brought the former Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price and the Conservative MP Michael Fabricant together for a cup of coffee and a constitutional conversation.

We'll also look at the efforts to combat nuisance phone calls being led through parliament by Conservative MP Alun Cairns. Has the time come for a new law to stop the phone pests?

My studio guests are the Liberal Democrat Wales Office Minister, Baroness Jenny Randerson, Plaid Cymru AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas and Labour AM Mike Hedges.

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