1. ITV Report

Sharp End 5 December 2013

Politicians and officials are still digesting what the announcements in George Osborne's Annual Statement will mean for Wales. In fact the Welsh Government hasn't yet decided if it'll follow suit when it comes to some of the main spending changes on business rates and free school meals. Ministers are getting plenty of advice from the opposition parties but they point out that the small increase in its budget will get quickly swallowed up and they'll have to cut elsewhere.

They won't want to make any further cuts to the education budget as they're still reeling from the poor performance of Welsh schoolchildren in the international PISA tests. We'll discuss the problems in the education system here and how it overcomes them.

It's the last Sharp End of 2013 which means that we'll cast our minds back over a significant year of Welsh politics to try to work out what was the most significant story or development.

I'm joined in the studio by Labour MP Paul Flynn, Conservative AM Suzy Davies, Liberal Democrat AM Eluned Parrott and Plaid Cymru's Chair, Dafydd Trystan Davies.

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