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ITV Wales top 10 most read stories

As 2013 comes to an end, we've had a look back at the top 10 most read stories on our website.

10: Climber films his own 100m fall down Snowdon

Mountain safety experts urged climbers to learn from the case of a man who fell 100 metres from Snowdon and survived after taking appropriate precautions. Mark Roberts' fall from the mountain was captured on his helmet camera and the footage was later posted on the British Mountaineering Council's website.

9: Factory fire in Holywell

Fire crews tackled a blaze at Greenfield Business Park, Holywell in May Credit: North Wales Fire Service

Factory staff had to flee their workplace in Holywell in may after a fire broke out in the Mainetti hanger factory on the Greenfield Business Park in May. Families living in the area were told to stay indoors as plumes of thick, black smoke filled the skies. There was also disruption on main roads in the area, and trains on the nearby north Wales coast line were halted.

8: Tanning injections: 'The side effects could be extremely serious'

Melanotan injections can be readily purchased on the internet Credit: Reed Saxon/AP

An ITV Cymru Wales investigation found the unlicensed and untested tanning product was being sold illegally at a gym in Neath. The product, Melanotan, is a synthetic hormone which is injected into the skin causing it to darken.

It is currently illegal to sell these tan injections because the product has not been tested, and so it is unlicensed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), a body responsible for regulating the quality and safety of medicines.

7: City centre flashmob proposal

6: Flintshire family's fight to save toddler dying of rare cancer

In June, the parents of a two-year-old girl from Flintshire suffering from a rare brain cancer launched told ITV News of their desperation to raise enough money for a groundbreaking American treatment that could help her survive.

Amelia-Mae Davies had stage four neuroblastoma - an aggressive form of cancer - and is unable to walk or eat. Sadly, Amelia-Mae died in July before she could have the treatment.

5: Appeal for man missing after Wales rugby game

Ben Thompson went missing after a Six Nations match in February Credit: ITV News

4: River Cynon bursts its banks

Cars struggled to drive through high water in Aberdare Credit: Mark Anthony

Heavy rain in Christmas week led to the River Cynon bursting its banks. An Aberdare sports centre was forced to close and a stretch of the A4059 was also flooded.

3: Storm surge warning

Residents in Rhyl had to be helped from their homes Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

The adverse weather also brought flooding to Rhyl and other areas of north Wales in December, with many people having to be rescued from their homes as the water rose. An investigation was launched into how so much damage was caused to so many homes in the space of a few hours.

2: Cardiff garden centre on fire

The blaze almost destroyed Blooms Garden Centre on the outskirts of Cardiff in November Credit: Alexandra Lodge/ITV News

A large fire broke out at Blooms Garden Centre in St Mellons, Cardiff, overnight on 21st November which caused devastating damage to the site.

The blaze burned for several hours, leading to nearby roads being closed and homes being evacuated.

The cause of the fire was found to be accidental.

1: Where and how to watch the Perseids meteor shower

Perseid meteors streak through the skies in 2010 Credit: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Centre

South Wales was supposed to be one of the best places in the UK to watch the Perseids meteor shower in August. The annual event, was "particularly good" this year according to the Royal Astronomical Society, with up to 60 shooting stars per hour.

The 'natural firework display' is a result of material falling from the tail of Comet Swift-Tutte, which last passed near the earth in 1992.

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