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Port Talbot families seek legal advice after dust pollution

Tata Steel in Port Talbot came under fire last year after an increase of dust pollution. Photo: PA

Families in Port Talbot are seeking legal advice after those living in the area were affected by dust pollution from Tata Steel in 2013.

The steel works came under fire last year after homes and business in the surrounding community were coated repeatedly, over a number of weeks, in layers of black dust.

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People collected samples of the dust found on their homes and businesses last summer. Credit: ITV Wales

Following numerous complaints, Natural Resources Wales launched an investigation to pinpoint the source of the dust problems.

An initial investigation identified the main cause as being in a part of the plant where raw materials are kept and moved into storage.

It resulted in Natural Resources Wales issuing an enforcement notice ordering the company to carry out a series of actions to reduce the levels of dust.

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People living near the plant reported finding layers of black dust in the area. Credit: PA

A free legal advice clinic has been set up today for people in the community to discuss a group claim after Hugh James Solicitors say it has spoken to scores of residents who have complained against the Tata Steel site.

The clinic will take place today between 10am and 7pm at Taibach Community Centre with hundreds of families expected to attend.