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Sharp End 27th January 2014

When he launched a new independent organisation to help develop fresh thinking the First Minister noted that Welsh Government policies are under scrutiny outside Wales like never before.

That's certainly true when it comes to education and health and the handling of those two crucial areas by Carwyn Jones' Labour government has become the target of regular criticism by the Prime Minister and other UK Government figures.

The First Minister maintains that, while there are big problems facing the NHS in Wales, the overall picture is more positive than his political opponents allow and he points to today's survey of cancer patients as evidence.

Is it possible to disentangle the reality from the politics? We'll have a go.

The Welsh Language Commissioner has today begun an investigation to determine what level of language standards should be expected from each of the 22 local authorities, the three National Park authorities and the Welsh Government.

In the past, efforts to promote the use of Welsh have often been criticised for being too onerous for those in mostly English-speaking areas while not going far enough for first-language Welsh speakers. Authorities will be keeping a close eye on the Commissioner's investigation and some will be wondering if they need to order some new road signs.

One of my guests, the Labour AM Mick Antoniw, has just returned from Kiev where he witnessed first hand some of the shocking scenes we've only seen as TV pictures. He'll be talking about his experience.

He'll be accompanied in the studio by the Conservative AM, Suzy Davies and the Liberal Democrat AM Aled Roberts.

You can watch the full programme below.

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