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Eyes Down , look in , it's First Minister's Questions

First Minister Carwyn Jones waiting to answer Party leader's questions Photo: ITV News

It all started off quite well. Andrew RT Davies, described from his own lips this morning at the Tory's press briefing as 19 stone of prime Welsh Beef, stood up to ask the FM about the impact of Enterprise Zones on the Welsh Economy.

So far , so good. Alas he got his facts mixed up, much to the mirth of the Government benches.

Oops! Now where did that duff information come from ?

Bit of an own goal that no trained Barrister would be able to risk having a bit of fun with

Oh deep gloom ! Onward and upwards! But not quite yet!

It was the turn of the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams who had Mansion Tax on her mind..

And RT got another kicking! Deeper gloom.

Thankfully, Leanne Wood, the Leader of Plaid Cymru, had her mind on other matters.

Firstly, Bedroom tax. Secondly our other old and dear friend, the Barnett Formula. Once a concept to avoid talking about at social gatherings but now losing its ranking in the top ten of unwieldy subject to discuss to our new and tedious friend. Mr Lock Step.

But I digress. Leanne wanted a yes or a no from Carwyn about what a future Labour Government might do about fair funding and the reform of Barnet.

Hmm. I don't think she got either!