1. ITV Report

Sharp End 10 February 2014

We're very familiar with the arguments over devolution to Wales. In fact they're part of the Sharp End staple diet. What tends to get overlooked, however, is the case for further devolution to parts of England. Owain Phillips has been to Sunderland for us to find out why councils in the north of England want some of the same financial powers that are being proposed for the Welsh Government.

Meanwhile, Welsh politicians are far from agreed on which of those powers should be transferred to Cardiff Bay. The disagreements within the Conservative party over how a future Welsh Government could use control over income tax are well publicised. But the focus has shifted now to the Labour party which appears to have all but ruled out calling a referendum on the form of income tax on offer. Given Labour's dominance of politics in the Assembly, is that the end of that?

The European Parliamentary elections will be on us before we know it and all the parties will be launching campaigns, manifestos, etc in the coming months. Plaid Cymru's leader Leanne Wood has kicked theirs off with a deliberate appeal to Liberal Democrat voters to back her party instead. We have a Plaid MEP and a Lib Dem AM in the studio: I think I can guess now what they'll both think of that!

And we find out about the extraordinary story of Adelaine and Walter Hain. Campaigners against apartheid in a turbulent South Africa in the 1960s, they're now the subject of a new book by their son who just happens to be the Neath MP and former Welsh Secretary, Peter Hain.

I'm joined in the studio by Plaid Cymru's MEP, Jill Evans; Liberal Democrat AM, Peter Black and Conservative AM, Angela Burns.

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