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50 million pounds for the NHS. Blessing or bailout?

Andrew RT Davies looking a gift horse in the mouth? Photo: ITV News

An extra fifty million pounds for the NHS in Wales. Sounds like a welcome boost to most but the Leader of the Opposition, the beefcake of the Senedd otherwise know as Mr Andrew RT Davies wasn't happy. Because for him, it smacked of another bailout!

The leader of Plaid Cymru ,Leanne Wood, complete with a husky voice was dwelling on the weather. Possibly because being drenched may have given her a bad cold. Either way , she was keen to explore the effects of climate change on our coastlines.

And of course , many people living in coastal areas must be very worried about the future of their homes given such severe weather lately. But she wanted to know if the FM was considering a managed retreat?

But when it came to Kirsty Williams turn, instead of being concerned about Location , location , location, it was more a case of Education , Education and one more for luck, Education.

Kirsty was referring to the glowing report bestowed on Ceredigion for its high standard in Education and Carwyn's brass neck