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Brecon's army snapper capturing Afghanistan

David Beckhamn visiting troops in Afghanistan. Photo: Corporal Barry Lloyd

An army photographer who has served three tours in Afghanistan has become the first to be specifically attached to Welsh regiments.

Corporal Barry Lloyd has won several awards for his photos and is now based in the Brecon Beacons with 160 Brigade.

Soldiers on Operation Shamali Sarai. Credit: Corporal Barry Lloyd

Lloyd says his aim is to capture the "human side of soldiers".

Corporal Barry Lloyd - pictured - says the images highlight the reality of life on the frontline. Credit: Corporal Barry Lloyd

His first tour to Afghanistan was in 2010 on patrol with the Royal Welsh. There he met one of the most photographed men in the world, David Beckham, when the football star was visiting the troops at Camp Bastion.

The Brigade Reconnaissance Force. Credit: Corporal Barry Lloyd

Taking pictures of guys in combat is all good and well, but I like to reinforce the idea that these are also human beings. They get tired and hungry like anyone else. It's humanity at its greatest and darkest.

– Corporal Barry Lloyd

Lloyd is now based in Brecon and he's likely to follow the Queens Dragoon guards to Afghanistan later this year.

You can have a look at some more of his photographs in this report by Alexandra Lodge: