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Mum rebuilds life with seven children of her own after fire killed her family 22 years ago

A Carmarthenshire woman has told how she's tried to re-build her life in the years after a house fire claimed the lives of her mother, her brother and two sisters.

Carrie McArthur was just eight years old when her family was wiped out, leaving her as the only survivor. Now, two decades on she's built a family of her own with seven children.

Carrie has had to overcome hardship even recently. The father of six of her children passed away last year.

Dean Thomas meets her.

Carrie is surrounded by her seven children, named after the relatives she lost

I lost everyone. Life hasn't been easy. All my children are named after each and every one of them.

Each and every one carry one of their names - my brothers and sisters, my mother, my father... they're all carried on.

The fire killed Carrie McArthur's mother, her brother and two sisters