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Behind the scenes: How the early team prepare the ITV Daybreak bulletins for Wales

Andrew Jones presents the early and lunchtime bulletins. Read his guide to how the the first bulletins of the day are put together.

I'm an early morning sort of person; always have been.

So it's not a problem being woken by the alarm in the early hours. During Winter, of course, it's always dark but I do see some spectacular sunrises in the Summer.

The first task after arriving at work is to make coffee!

Then it's a case of ringing the emergency services to see if anything's happened overnight and if it has to be added to the news in the first bulletin's running order.

The team check the pictures and scripts before broadcast

The first bulletin, after being rehearsed, is broadcast just after 6 am and two more follow at hourly intervals.

Andrew's view form the sofa
The director and producer rehearse in the gallery

All through the morning I'll be adding material to our website along with my colleagues including travel updates.

For the rest of the morning I'll prepare the next day's Daybreak news. Then it's on to the lunchtime bulletin...

Timing the bulletins is very important

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