1. ITV Report

A dry weekend with plenty of sunshine

Cloud is expected to thicken and develop further overnight meaning it should feel a fair bit milder than it has done over the last few nights.

Temperatures, especially in the north will hold on to around eight degrees celsius.

Tomorrow morning we are expected to be frost and fog free and the cloud will begin to burn back throughout the course of the day to leave some pleasant spells of sunshine.

The more prolonged of the brightness is likely to be in and around the south east, so a pleasant day for any rugby fans heading to the Millennium Stadium. Temperatures expected to reach around 16 degrees centigrade, 61 Fahrenheit.

Sunday, a similar day to Saturday with plenty in the way of cloud and spells of brightness.

It's the beginning of next week where the weather begins to turn unsettled.

Thicker cloud is likely to develop throughout Monday with the chance of some light rain on Tuesday.