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Meet Franco, the man who travels 100-miles a month to pay tribute to his late wife

Franco Gorno travels to Neath once a month to lay flowers at the bus stop where he met his late wife Photo: Wales News Service

A love note left at a Neath bus stop left many a passerby with a tear in their eye when they read the touching tribute from a man to his late wife. Now the mystery widower has been revealed, after his family told of his love for his wife.

Franco Gorno, 86, has been making the 100-mile round-trip from his home in Cardiff to Neath every month in memory of his wife Joan who passed away in March last year. His tributes touched the hearts of local residents after reading his letters at the bus stop where the couple first met.

Joan Gorno died in March last year Credit: Wales New Service

Every month or so i go there and lay flowers because it is the place that I met her. I do it because I know she is up there looking down at me.

It is quite a journey for me, don't forget I am 86.

– Franco Gorno
Franco and Joan met in December 1950 after being introduced by friends Credit: Wales News Service

Franco moved to Cardiff in 1950 and met Joan at the bus shelter in Neath after they were introduced by a close friend two weeks before Christmas that same year. The couple married in 1952 and went on to have four children together. They were together until Joan died last year.

Franco's touching tribute at the bus stop Credit: Wales News Service