1. ITV Report

Unsettled but getting warmer and drier on Saturday

Kate Lewis has the forecast Photo: ITV

A cloudy night ahead with the chance of some rain in the north. The easterly breeze is still making it feel rather chilly with overnight lows of around 1 degree centigrade.

Where there are clearer skies there is the chance of some localised ground frost.

By the morning showers are likely to push their way into the south of the country so the best of any brightness first thing will be in central areas.

Throughout the morning and into the afternoon the rain is becoming more widespread, continuing into the evening in many places.

The rain will clear overnight on Friday meaning a settled and dry day in prospect on Saturday.

The wind is also changing to a south easterly direction bringing with it some warmer air.

Temperatures over the weekend averaging around 14 degrees centigrade, 57 in Fahrenheit.