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A warmer and drier weekend

Rain clearing by lunchtime on Saturday Photo: ITV News

After a dismal end to the working week there is more rain expected overnight although temperatures will remain higher than they have been of late.

We should escape any ground frost with temperatures expected to remain around 6 degrees centigrade.

Saturday will be a generally dry day with any showers lingering in the west clearing away by lunchtime.

There should be plenty of hazy sunshine around in the afternoon with temperatures reaching highs of 16 degrees, 61 in Fahrenheit.

Despite a moderate wind continuing, it will be noticeably warmer.

Mothering Sunday is expected to be a decent day with sunny spells and showers. Best of the brightness in the east with more in the way of showers towards Pembrokeshire and the far west of the country.

Next week things start to break down with more in the way of showers pushing in from the west. Temperatures will stay fairly mild around 14 degrees centigrade and night time temperatures hovering just below double figures.