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Man completes Napoleon tapestry after surviving a brain tumour, meningitis and a car crash

The picture below might look like a painting, but it's actually made of thousands of tiny cross-stitches.

It's the work of a 67-year-old Alan Bramley from Gronant, near Prestatyn, and it took him five years to finish.

Sarah Powell meets him.

His latest piece, a portrait of Napoleon, took him five years to complete.

During that time he suffered a brain tumor, mengitis, and a debilitating car crash.

He says the thought of finishing the tapestry kept him going.

The portrait of Napoleon took five years to complete

I don't give in. I work on the principle that you've got to keep your mind active.

I sit there every night - the television's on - I'm doing my cross-stitch and I'm taking in about 60% of what the television's saying.

– Alan Bramley
Alan is now working on a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I