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Sharp End 7th April 2014

Carwyn Jones, Owen Smith and other senior Labour figures call it the 'War on Wales.' But Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians say the frequent and intense criticism of the performance of public services is a war on Welsh Labour, not on the people of Wales nor the people who work in those services.

It certainly played a big part at the Welsh Liberal Democrat conference in Newport this weekend. Leader Kirsty Williams launched her strongest attack yet on the First Minister, accusing him of 'hiding behind' the very people he should be leading.

There's been a new twist today: I've been shown an email from a UK Government civil servant asking their opposite number in Cardiff to check the statistics to be used in political attacks by the Prime Minister. You can read the details here.

Back at the Welsh Lib Dem conference, I asked the Deputy Prime Minister if his pro-European stance leaves his party at odds with a growingly Euro-sceptic public. We also spoke about his promise to transfer wide-ranging new powers to Wales. You'll be able to see my interview with Nick Clegg in tonight's programme.

As the UK's mission in Afghanistan comes to an end, two Welsh soldiers talk about their very different but painful experiences. It's strong stuff and will lead me to ask my guests if they think it's been worth it.

My studio guests this week are the Liberal Democrat AM, Eluned Parrott, Labour Parliamentary candidate, Mary Wimbury and the Conservative MEP Kay Swinburne.

You can watch the programme below:

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