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Fur-gotten: Cherished teddy found among hospital linen

Staff have jokingly photographed 'Ted' helping out with the laundry Photo:

Workers at a Swansea laundry centre are trying to reunite a cherished teddy bear with his owner after finding him hiding in hospital bed linen.

It's likely 'Ted' arrived by accident at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg's Central Laundry in Llansamlet from one of three hospitals in the vicinity.

Manager Yvonne Watkins said: “Linen from Morriston, Singleton and Neath Port Talbot hospitals all goes to the Central Laundry in Llansamlet, so Ted could have come from any of them."

“He’s a lovely little teddy bear, a cute little thing in very good condition so he has obviously been well looked after.

We are trying to find out who he belongs to but it is possible his owner may have gone home by now.

– Yvonne Watkins, ABM Laundry and Linen Manager
Ted with his new 'colleagues' (L-R) Pauline Cooper, Linda Morgan, Eric Valdeviezo, Lynne Burton and Bev Dale

In the meantime, the new recruit is proving to be something of a 'Superted' when it comes to helping around the laundry centre.

Staff have jokingly photographed him 'driving' the delivery truck and 'folding' sheets and blankets.

It's light-hearted fun - but workers say Ted's 'toy story' isn't uncommon and they are serious about trying to find his owner.

Yvonne added: “You wouldn’t believe the number of toys that end up in the laundry.

"They get picked up by accident when the bed linen is changed and end up here.

"We do try to reunite them with their owners whenever possible. When we can’t, we donate them to the children’s wards or give them to a children's charity."

Staff at the laundry centre are keen to reunite Ted with his owner, who might now be out of hospital

Do you recognise Ted? Call Yvonne on 01792 410036 or email