1. ITV Report

Welsh Government 'lacks long-term vision' for schools

A major review into the state of the Welsh education system has found that the Welsh Government has tried to introduce too many reforms too quickly and does not do enough to support teachers.

The OECD - the people behind the PISA rankings - were asked to conduct the review after Wales' poor performance in the PISA results in 2010.

It did find that there were positive learning environments and good teacher-pupil relationships, but in all there were many criticisms and recommendations for change.

The report found that:

  • The pace of reform has been high and lacks a long-term vision and a clear implementation strategy
  • Schools are unable to respond to the needs of all their students, and need to move towards more personalised learning
  • Schools find it hard to recruit high calibre teachers and there is a need to raise the status of the profession

Today the report has been widely welcomed - even by those whose schools are amongst the best in the country.