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Sharp End 14th April 2014

If you saw anything of the Welsh Conservative conference in Llangollen you will know that there was an extraordinary unity of purpose as speaker after speaker criticised the Welsh Government's handling of public services here.

'Criticise' is an understatement when you think that the attacks included the Prime Minister's description of Offa's Dyke as 'the line between life and death.'

The strategy is nothing new of course. Senior Conservative figures have been using what they claim are Labour's failures in Wales as a means to warn off voters across the UK from voting for Ed Miliband. This weekend certainly saw that strategy move up a gear.

When I spoke to Tory party chairman Grant Shapps and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, I wondered if they'd gone too far. If the attacks are too strong, doesn't that undermine the morale of nurses, doctors or teachers? And if it's too obviously political, won't voters see through it?

You can see their answers in tonight's programme below.

The clearing of Nigel Evans of sexual assaults has raised a number of serious questions about the anonymity granted to complainants but not defendants and the effect of cuts to legal aid. It's also brought back questions about Westminster's drinking culture. I'll see if my guests have any answers.

They are the Labour MP Paul Flynn, Plaid Cymru's Jonathan Edwards MP and the Conservative peer, Lord Nick Bourne.

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