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Warm and sunny weather but higher UV levels

Blossom Photo: ITV

The fine and sunny weather is not all good news! The Met Office warns there is a possibility that UV levels may be much higher than expected for today.

If UV levels are high it could cause sunburn and other skin irritation.

The potentially higher levels are due to the ozone layer being much lower than we would normally expect.

This is important because the ozone in the stratosphere absorbs much of the UV radiation from the sun before it reaches us on the ground.

Why does this happen?

During the winter, the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere typically thins around the North Pole due to a lack of sunlight - a crucial ingredient in making ozone in the first place.

At the same time, the circulation of air around the North Pole keeps the ozone air high up in the atmosphere.

In March and April, as the sun moves further north for Spring, the circulation breaks down allowing the pockets of low ozone air to break away.

These can sometimes pass over us - meaning there is less ozone in the high atmosphere to absorb the UV levels.

The advice:

This means the sun will be stronger than we would normally expect but levels should be no higher than those of a sunny day in June.

Nevertheless, make sure you take the proper precautions for yourself and your families when out in the sun.

Temperatures will quickly fall under the largely clear skies. It will then be a cold night, with a widespread grass frost, and also the risk of some isolated mist patches. Minimum temperature 0 °C.After a chilly start, another fine day follows on Tuesday, with warm prolonged sunshine for many and only small amounts of cloud. Although feeling cooler in the west with a southeasterly breeze. Maximum temperature 17 °C.