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A chilly night but a warm and sunny day tomorrow

Kate Lewis has the forecast Photo: ITV News Wales

High pressure has been in control again today with plenty of sunshine and feeling even warmer than yesterday.

Clear skies this evening mean it is going to become rather chilly, temperatures dropping to around 2 degrees Centigrade. More inland rural areas are likely to see some grass frost overnight.

Tomorrow morning looks set to be another nice and bright start, with plenty of sunshine around.

The Met Office is warning that UV levels are higher than normal for this time of year so care needs to be taken if spending time outdoors as the risk of burning is increased.

By the afternoon temperatures will reach 16 degrees Centigrade in and around Conwy so will feel even warmer than today.

However, along the coast it will feel cooler and cloud is expected to develop late into the afternoon and throughout the evening.

There is also a chance of a few light showers during the night and into Thursday morning.

By Thursday, the winds are expected to change to a north westerly direction so will also become cooler.

It should become drier and brighter by Good Friday.