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How vain is your man? Take our (completely non-scientific) quiz

More men are indulging in pampering treatments such as facials Photo: PA

The male grooming business is booming, with more men than ever before indulging in pamper sessions at the salon.

So as a bit of fun, we've devised a completely non-scientific quiz to find out how vain your man is. If you answer 'yes' to more than five of the following questions then you have a fully-fledged grooming addict!

  • Does he spend more time in the bathroom than you do?
  • Does he know what a mani/pedi is?
  • Do you have to wait for him to finish with the mirror before you can get ready?
  • Does he moisturise?
  • Is he a fan of fake tan?
  • Does he know what threading is?
  • Does he take pride in his 'designer stubble?'
  • Does he dye his hair?
  • Does he wax?
  • Does he steal products from your make-up bag?
The male grooming business has seen a dramatic rise over the past year Credit: PA