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Sunshine returning in time for Good Friday

Kate Lewis has the forecast Photo: ITV News Wales

Cloud is likely to clear away throughout this evening leaving clear skies and a chilly night.

With temperatures falling to around 2 degrees Centigrade a ground frost is expected in more rural eastern areas.

It's going to be a chilly start to Good Friday but plenty in the way of sunshine around. Any cloud will break up to leave pretty much wall to wall sunshine into the afternoon.

Light winds mean that temperatures will feel similar to today with highs of around 13 degrees Centigrade.

Overnight tomorrow temperatures will fall away again leaving yet another chilly start to the day on Saturday and the chance of some air frost first thing.

It will however warm up to leave a fine and generally sunny day. Best of the brightness in the west.

Easter Sunday should begin reasonably dry but cloud will start to develop throughout the morning. By late afternoon it looks likely that rain will begin to work it's way eastwards through the country.

These showers could be fairly heavy at times and continue into the early part of Monday although becoming far lighter and more infrequent.