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Time after Time: The project aiming to bring older people into schools

As the world continues to remember the centenary of the start of the First World War, a campaign has been launched to get more older people spending time with children in schools.

Through the charity Goldies Cymru, older people come together each week to socialise, sing, and dance a little too...

Dozens from both the younger and older generations got together for a big sing-along at the National Museum in Cardiff - and our reporter Tom Sheldrick went along too.

I go in to do reading with them - and I think it's fantastic - because I think the older generation have got so much to offer - so much to offer.

Unless children hear us - they're never going to know anything - but to go in, any older person, I think it's a wonderful idea - and I would like to take part.

The Time after Time project wants all schools to invite older people in