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Six-years-old and in need of a kidney transplant: Hannah and her family appeal for a donor

This is Hannah's Lego hospital - where her lego patients go for their kidney dialysis.

Hannah Phillips is just six-years-old but several times a week she has to travel hundreds of miles to undergo dialysis. Both of her kidneys had to be removed due to a condition she was diagnosed with at the age of 2.

She's now in desperate need of a kidney transplant because all her relatives have been ruled out as possible donors.

Rob Shelley reports.

Hannah has a rare blood group - so her Dad Paul isn't a match. Her mother Rachael is but her kidney function is too low to be considered.

I was tested all of the way, and then they said no cos my kidney function's too low...

– Rachael Phillips
Hannah Phillips, 6, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome aged two

The family are using social media sites to try and help find that elusive donor - Groups O or A might be a match.