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What's to come after the hottest day of the year...?

Kate Lewis has the forecast Photo:

Today Wales has recorded the highest temperature of the year so far. Many places throughout the country have seen temperatures reach 21 and 22 degrees Celsius, a high of 72 in Fahrenheit.

The last time we saw temperatures higher than this was on the 22nd September last year when a recording of 24.9 degrees Celsius, 77 in Fahrenheit was taken in Trawsgoed in Ceredigion.

Tonight temperatures will remain on the mild side with lows of 8 degrees C.

Some cloud is expected to develop inland but in more western areas we are likely to see some mist and fog patches forming.

These patches of mist and fog will clear quickly during the early part of the morning to leave a bright and sunny day.

Temperatures will also respond quickly and by Saturday afternoon we will see highs of 22 degrees in and around the Welsh capitol and 21 degrees through Denbighshire, Powys and Carmarthenshire.

Overnight on Saturday will be dry and mild and we can expect a fairly bright start to the day on Sunday.

During the day the sunshine will turn more hazy and temperatures will plato.

By dusk the rain will begin to move into the northeast of the country.

With low pressure taking charge, Monday will be fairly unsettled with showers throughout the country and more prolonged spells of rain in the west.

It will feel rather humid during the day and throughout the night but the air will clear by Tuesday as temperatures fall a little and the unsettled conditions take hold.