1. ITV Report

A wet day ahead but a brighter start tomorrow

Kate Lewis has the forecast Photo: ITV News Wales

Low pressure is still centred firmly over the southwest of the UK and is bringing more bands of rain and persistent showers this afternoon and during the day tomorrow.

Throughout this afternoon, showers will turn heavy and even thundery at times. In between these showers there will be a few brighter spells.

It will feel blustery along coastal and more exposed areas with winds reaching between 20 and 25mph.

This evening and overnight the driest of the conditions will be in the south as the rain eases but the northwest of the country will continue to have frequent showers.

A bright but showery start to Saturday, however low pressure is still in charge and more persistent and heavier rain will push northwestwards reaching the southeast of Wales by late morning.

These showers are expected to turn heavy and thundery from time to time.

Highs of between 12 and14 degrees but it is warming over the next few days and becoming drier during the day on Sunday.