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Cardiff schoolgirl Lola tracks down stolen dog with Facebook appeal

A schoolgirl tracked down her pet when it was stolen with the help of 25,000 friends.

Lola Wilson, six, turned to Facebook when Staffordshire bull terrier Ruby was taken by a thief from her garden.

Her appeal for the 16-month-old pet was shared an 25,000 times in 24 hours - and Ruby was traced.

Lola and Ruby Credit: Wales News Service

People were fantastic and thousands on Facebook helped find Ruby.

Lola is now absolutely over the moon and ecstatic - she won’t leave Ruby alone at the moment.

She is my daughter’s best friend. They get into bed together and have cuddles, they’re inseparable.

– Roxanna Wilson, mother
Lola, Roxanna and Ruby reunited Credit: Wales News Service

Ruby disappeared from the garden of her home in Pontcanna, Cardiff, in broad daylight.

Bolt cutters were used to gain access to the garden before the dog was taken away.

Lola's mother helped her set up a "Bring Ruby Home" page on Facebook seen by the 25,000 people.

After word of the theft had spread, Roxanna received an anonymous call the next day - saying Ruby had been sold by the thief.

She drove to the house of the caller and picked up Ruby, who was unharmed.

Roxanna, 30, said: "We are so happy and grateful. There are so horrible people out there - but this shows there are lovely people too."

A South Wales Police spokesman said: "We are investigating in relation to a theft of a dog."