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Are you typically Welsh? Find out what makes a Jones

If Gavin & Stacey were real their children may well be called Jacob & Amelia. Photo:

How do we live in Wales? How much spare cash do we have to spend and what do we call our children? All these questions are answered in the latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics.

An average house in Wales is worth around £169,000 Credit: PA

The figures tell us that on average our houses are worth £169,000 and we spend £411 on weekly expenditure. Of all the households in Wales 5% get tax credits and 23% of our children live with parents on low incomes.

In terms of health men and women can expect to live healthily up until 63 years-of-age, which is below England but higher than Northern Ireland. In terms of drinking we are not necessarily the UK's biggest consumers of alcohol - in England 12% of people drink on 5 days or more, in Wales it's 8%.

Jacob and Amelia were the top names in Wales in 2012. Credit: ONS

In Wales the most popular baby names in 2012 were Jacob and Amelia and life expectancy was 78 years-old for a man and 82 for a woman. In terms of nationality only 66% of us identify as being Welsh compared to 83% of people in Scotland who see themselves as Scottish and 70% of people in England who say they are English.

On average someone in Wales spends £411 a week. Credit: PA

And how much cash do we have in our pockets? According to the ONS in Wales the average disposable income per household is £14,623, below the UK average of £16,791. Wales does have more business per head than Scotland but less than England and Northern Ireland.

Wales recycles more than anywhere else in the UK. Credit: PA

And what do we in Wales come top in? Well, recycling! We are the UK's biggest recyclers - 49% sort out our rubbish and put it into the correct bags and bins. We own just 5% of the cars in the UK and we have the lowest mortgages at around £101 a week.