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Hammer attack woman 'begged' police for help

Charmaine Lewis told Channel 4 News she felt let down by South Wales Police Photo: Channel 4 News

Charmaine Lewis turned to police for protection after her partner of three years, Christopher Veal assaulted her in her home back in 2011.

Charmaine knew that Veal had been in prison, but was unaware he had been convicted of rape, false imprisonment and other violent offences.

The IPCC found South Wales Police did not give the case 'any urgency or priority' and the failure of officers to 'join the dots' between the assault and Veal's previous convictions put Charmaine and her children at 'serious risk.'

Christopher Veal was a convicted rapist and registered dangerous offender

Just days after she reported the initial assault to South Wales Police, Veal went to her address harassing her to drop the charges.

Charmaine called the police again, saying she felt unable to return home. She was taken to a police station, where officers warned Veal to leave her alone.

But shortly after Charmaine and her children were dropped off by police, Veal forced his way into her flat and subjected Charmaine to a brutal attack. She shared her experience with Channel 4 News:

Charmaine was lost her front teeth and was left with hammer marks over her face.

The IPCC found South Wales Police had the systems and intelligence in place to flag up the risk Veal presented, but officers failed to access that information and assess the risk at various stages .

Veal was found hanged after being recalled to prison following the vicious assault on Charmaine.

She said she felt relieved that he couldn't hurt her again, but angry that she wouldn't get justice.