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Wales This Week: Tragedy at Gleision

The man in charge of the investigation into the Gleision mining tragedy has said nothing more could have been done to establish exactly what happened.

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Speaking exclusively to Wales This Week, the then Acting Chief Inspector of Mines, Steve Denton, said:

We did two fingertip searches of what was left of the working face - and we had quite a large part of the mine laser-surveyed to pick up a 3D image of the mine.

We had it photographed, it was a very, very thorough investigation.

I’m not quite sure what more we could have done.

Mr Denton said the plans of the mine being used by manager Malcolm Fyfield had turned out to be "pretty accurate."

At the trial of Malcolm Fyfield and MNS Mining, which owned Gleision, the defence team claimed the Health and Safety Executive had sealed the mine before other experts had had a chance to do their own investigations.

Mr Denton told ITV Wales that 'disaster tourists' had been constantly trying to approach the mine.

We made a decision that we would temporarily seal the mine so we didn’t deny complete access for defence experts but it did make it more difficult for them to get back in.

Last week, mine manager Malcolm Fyfield and owners MNS Mining Ltd were cleared of manslaughter charges over the death of four miners in September 2011.