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Cannabis worth £1m found on site of old Porth nightclub

Some of the plants were potentially days away from being sold on Rhondda's streets Photo: South Wales Police

Cannabis worth an estimated £1million has been found growing on three floors of a former nightclub in the centre of Porth.

South Wales Police officers executed a drugs warrant at the old Apollo building on Aberhondda Road just before 10 o'clock this morning, where they discovered more than 1,000 cannabis plants.

The cannabis was discovered in this iconic building, formerly the Apollo nightclub Credit: South Wales Police

The first floor was used as a nursery for newly-potted plants, and the ground and second floor were being used for plants at mid to late stages of growth.

Mature plants discovered on the top floor were 'perhaps days' away from being sold on Rhondda's streets, police said.

This was a massive and timely find. It is one of the biggest, most sophisticated operations I have come across to date, which was capable of generating drugs worth millions over a 12-month period.

It looks like we got here just in time, as many plants were ready for harvest and would have been changing hands on the streets in no time.

The building has only been redundant for around three months, which is enough time for one yield. But the fruits of this organised crime group’s labour has been seized by us, so they have taken a big hit.

– Sergeant Chris Peters
L-R: PCSO Cath Jones, PCSO Christian Mackey, PC Nigel Bird, PCSO David Francis behind the old bar area Credit: South Wales Police

In an operation described by police as 'sophisticated', 200 and 600 watt light bulbs and extractor fans were being used, which would have demanded enough electricity to power three streets of terraced houses.

Today we have won a battle but the war on drugs goes on.

Once again, ordinary members of the public have proven to be our biggest weapon in the fight against drugs.

Anyone who suspects cannabis production should report it. As we have shown today, we’ll do the rest.

– Sergeant Chris Peters