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What a week it has been! Ruth Wignall on our first week in a new home...

I've had a busy week! Photo: itv Cymru Wales

So my first week back in the day job has been one I'll never forget!

After a year away from my maps presenting news, Sunday was certainly a sleepless night as I prepared for my return!

But not just a return to the old way of doing things - this was a return to a whole new way of life!

The new-look set, in our new office! Credit: itv Cymru Wales

Don't we look good? So... new building. And even more terrifying, filming in HD (high definition).

No - we're not broadcasting in HD yet, but everything we do is HD. And that means no more smudged make-up, no more hair of out place!

All in all, a pretty terrifying prospect!

And then there's the weather itself! A whole world of synoptic charts and pressure sequences! Would I remember how to do it? No more comfy news sofa or autocue.... Well, i'm getting there!

Weather presenters across ITV Credit: James Wright

So I'm now firmly back in the weather family, and I have to say it's lovely to be back!

And what a week of weather we have had!

Tenby in the June sunshine! Credit: Dai Wright

The week began with such promise. Flaming June was coming to an end, but the sun shone on all of us! Temperatures reached highs of 22.8C in Porthmadog - pretty respectable for the time of the year.

Sandy-nosed hot dog! Credit: @homeandcolonial

It was good weather for dogs - here's a doggy on the beach in Porthcawl, realising that sand really does get everywhere!

You sent me your pet-pics in the hundreds! And I'm ever so grateful!

Cat in Towy Meadow Credit: David Rice

And not to be out done, even cats were getting in on the act!

But you were warned to make the most of it! Because by mid-week, the wind of change was preparing to a dampener on our days.

And as we welcomed in July, we welcomed in some more unsettled weather.

Storm clouds gather over Swansea Credit: Lisa Medcalf

Thursday limped in with a few drizzly patches, but by Friday, we were talking about proper rain! And in some parts of Wales, rain by the bucket load!

Rain about to stop play Credit: Kate Hammond

It was very much a case of rain stopping play in this football match in Barry.

But of course the big question is - will we be in with a sporting chance as far as the weather is concerned this weekend? Well - if you don't mind a spot of sunshine and showers, then you're in for a treat!