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Musical chairs at FMQs

Stand in Paul Davies AM Photo: ITV News

There was an air of frivolity at FMQs today when instead of Andrew RT Davies - that sturdy figure we have grown used to hurling his weekly brickbats at the laconic First Minister - stood Paul Davies.

Mr Davies, one time interim leader of the Conservatives at the Assembly, was given a suitable welcome.

He stuck to his guns on health matters and referred to the forthcoming appearance of Ann Clwyd MP tomorrow at the Assembly's Health Committee to give her evidence over standards in our hospitals. But Mr Davies also had more statistics at his finger tips.

It wasn't just the Conservatives who had a case of musical chairs today, so too did the Welsh Liberal Democrats. In the place of Kirsty Williams sallied forth Aled Roberts AM. He too had health issues on his mind.

Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru was today interested in surveillance. Who's watching who? And were the potential watchees ever consulted by the potential watchers?