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Take a tour of Wales' first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour

When the sun is shining, most of us like to enjoy an ice-cream.

A parlour in Cardiff is making what's believed to be Wales' first ice-cream made using liquid nitrogen.

The ice cream is made to order for customers Credit: Mike Griffiths/ITV News

Mike Griffiths went along to find out how it all works.

Carly Karran gave up her career as a laboratory scientist to open the Science Cream shop, and employs fellow scientists to help prepare the ice cream.

The reason we use nitrogen is it's minus 196 degrees.

Because it's so cold its ability to change the ice cream batter into an ice cream is almost instant.

And the quicker you do something, the quicker you change something from a liquid to a solid... the smoother the end result"

– Carly Karran
The liquid nitrogen freezes the ice cream mixture very quickly

The team wears safety gear at all times. There's also a screen to shield customers from the liquid nitrogen at the counter.

Warm weather boosted sales of ice cream and other frozen desserts across the UK to £1.1bn in the past year.