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Family's plea to find Cwmcarn mother's missing rings after her death from cancer

A family from Cwmcarn is appealing for help in finding a mother's wedding rings, which were lost shortly after her death.

Sian Chung died on Friday morning after a three-year battle with cancer.

That afternoon, her family - husband Keith Chung, son Koby and daughter Leiona - decided to take a walk around Tredegar Park "to get out of the house".

Both Sian Chung's engagement and wedding rings are missing Credit: Keith Chung

Koby decided to take his mother's wedding and engagement rings from the family mantlepiece for the walk "because he wanted to keep his mum with him".

During the walk, the rings went missing.

Mr Chung said his son was "devastated and heartbroken" at the loss of the rings.

The Chung family Credit: Keith Chung

Despite the family's efforts to search the area, the rings have not been found.

Keith Chung has appealed via social media for anyone in the area who might have seen them.

Koby is adamant that he had them in his pocket and was holding them all around the park and had lost them between the information/book shop and the car park which is a small area but a high traffic area.

He had noticed they were gone before we had got back to the car.

– Keith Chung

The wedding ring is described as an etched gold band with the letter "W" on the inside.

The engagement ring is a gold banded three gem set with a sapphire in the middle beside two smaller diamonds.