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Welsh mum who flew to America for controversial gender choice fertility treatment speaks to ITV News

A Welsh woman is calling for families in the UK to have the right to decide on the gender of their children. She had three boys and wanted a girl, so contacted a fertility specialist in America.

'Stacey' contacted a fertility specialist in America

The gender selection treatment was a success and she now has a daughter. It's currently not legal in the UK, and we have disguised the mother's identity and voice for her protection.

Alexandra Lodge reports.

It's a secret Stacey and her husband have hidden for years.

After having three boys, they flew to America to have gender selection treatment - to guarantee their fourth child would be a girl.

The reason I chose the sex of my child is because I only wanted four children, and I wanted that fourth child to be a girl.

If the choice is there and we can afford it and it's what makes us happy and our family complete - then why not. You've only got one life, one shot at it and that's what we wanted.

– 'Stacey'

Stacey paid around £20,000 for two cycles of Gendersure treatment with a fertility specialist in California.

A fertilised embryo of the desired gender is put back into the mother

We give the woman fertility medication and she makes multiple eggs. We then remove those eggs, fertilise them with the husband's sperm and then create an embryo, and then we're able to select a normal embryo of the desired gender and put that single embryo back into the mother.

– Dr Daniel Potter, HRC Fertility

Afer a couple of attempts, the treatment worked. In October 2010, Stacey fell pregnant with the baby girl she'd wanted.

Now she believes this procedure should be available in the UK so more parents are able to choose the sex of their children.

The treatment was carried out in California

Treatment of this kind is still considered controversial by many, with critics arguing that 'playing God' or toying with nature could lead to gender discrimination

Stacey says the risk and the cost was worth it, and wants to treatment to be made available in the UK.