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Is the price right? £170k loom dress now up for grabs at £500

Yours for £500? A new bidding sale will begin on Friday. Photo: Geoff Abbot

It's the dress of the summer! It's been featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows all over the world. And it had an eBay price tag of £170,000. Every trendsetter - it seemed - wanted to get their hands on it.

But now the owners of the 'Made in Wales' loom band dress have dropped the (starting) price to £500.

The most famous loom band dress in the world? Credit: ITV News

Helen Wright of Prestatyn put homemade dress on eBay earlier this month. Within days bids reached £170,000 and Helen and her daughter Sian appeared on national TV.

But last Friday the errant bidder from Surrey sent Ms Wright an email saying she "could not afford it" and the dress was offered to another bidder who had pulled out at £150,000, but that didn't come off either.

Will the famous dress now go for £500? Credit: eBay
The new eBay advert features the kine "as seen on TV" Credit: eBay

Helen's friend Kathryn Burnand, 50, of Wrexham, who suffers with arthritis spent, a painstaking 45 hours making the dress. Mrs Burnand said the experience had been an enjoyable "whirlwind" but she was "most annoyed" about the highest bidder letting them down.

Kathryn Burnand spent, a painstaking 45 hours making the dress. Credit: Geoff Abbott

People shouldn't bid unless they have the money to pay for it I think that's a bit poor, we weren't in it to make any real money but it would have been nice to have been paid. There are some unscrupulous people out there and if you haven't got the money why put in a bit in the first place? I am annoyed because if she didn't have the money in the first place she shouldn't have bid. And it wasn't one bid that she put in, she put in several and even outbid other people. If you haven't got the money don't mess people about because it's not fair on the sellers.

– Kathryn Burnand, loom dress maker
This time the auction will be held over three days. Credit: Geoff Abbott

This time Helen is putting the dress up for auction for three days as she wants "to get back to normality really."

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