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Pontypridd Town travel to Spain for Valencia clash

A football team from the Valleys are preparing to take on one of Europe's biggest clubs.

ITV News caught up with the team before they left for Spain

Pontypridd Town will face Valencia in a pre-season friendly on Tuesday.

Mike Griffiths caught up with them before they left for Spain.

Manager Dominic Broad used his contacts at Valencia to set the game up.

It took a few months of negotiations back and forth and trying to work out the logistics behind travelling out to Spain and taking part in this friendly.

We've got about fifty or sixty coming from the Pontypridd club alone, and then there's between 200 and 250 fans coming from across the country

– Dominic Broad
The team have been training three times a week alongside their jobs

This year, the club finished 15th in the Welsh Division Three.

They enjoy a loyal following, which has been boosted for their Valencia game by publicity from social media.

It's obviously a David vs Goliath kind of story. But we've had just over a month and a half of pre-season training three times a week.

The boys are incredibly fit.

We've all got full-time jobs, there's a couple of students in the team as well.

So it's going to be a very difficult battle but a very enjoyable one