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How can you lower the risk of getting heart disease?

Heart disease remains an issue in Wales Photo: PA

The number of people living with heart disease in Wales is falling, according to a new report by the Welsh Government.

Research shows there were 125,567 people living with coronary heart disease in in 2012-2013.

That's 8,040 fewer than in 2006-07, which is a reduction of 6%.

Heart disease however remains an issue in Wales claiming the lives of more than 4,300 people a year.

Heart disease is caused when the arteries around the heart get blocked Credit: PA

What is heart disease?

Coronary heart disease is the term used to describe what happens when the blood supply to your heart is blocked or interrupted by a build-up of fatty substance in the arteries around the heart.

This fatty build-up in the arteries can be caused by lifestyle habits, like smoking, or other health conditions such as high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Preventing heart disease:

There are several ways you can help reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing bloody pressure and cholesterol levels.

  • Eat a low fat, high fibre diet and limit the amount of salt in your diet to 6g a day
  • Exercise regularly to help keep your heart healthy
  • Reduce alcohol consumption to within daily guidelines (three to four units a day for men, and two to three units for women)
  • Give up smoking - smoking is one of the key risk factors for developing blocked arteries
  • You can keep your blood pressure under control by eating a healthy diet low in saturated fat, exercising regularly, and, if required, taking the appropriate medication to lower your blood pressure

You can find out more about preventing heart disease by visiting the British Heart Foundation website here.