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Clinic offers freckle removal service

Someone undergoing freckle removal Photo: ITV Wales

A clinic in Cardiff has been dividing opinion after it is offering a new service to remove freckles.

The procedure, which costs £500, involves using a laser which sends a pulsed beam of light to shatter dark skin particles, encouraging the freckles to disappear over time.

WARNING: The report above contains flashing images

One of the people who has used the service is 20 year old Lauren. She is a part time model and recently won the Face of the Globe Wales Beauty Pagent.

She says of her freckles: "I wear foundation to cover them up to have a more flawless complexion. So it'd be better for me if they were gone."

Her dermatologist says she sees many patients who are very self concious.

"Absolutely nothing wrong with having freckles. But I've learned that in medicine, what I think has nothing to do with what the patient thinks."

Model, Lily Cole Credit: PA

There are certainly plenty of celebrities who are comfortable with their freckles. Model Lily Cole is not afraid to flaunt them.

And one high street retail chain has just released a freckle pencil so you can draw them on yourself - which just goes to show the fickleness of fashion.