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It's Remission Possible for this Cwmbran teenager

Emily Clark from Cwmbran Photo: ITV Wales

A teenager from Cwmbran encouraging people to donate blood and bone marrow after suffering a rare type of cancer known as Burkitts Lymphoma.

Emily Clark, 16, only realised something was wrong when her jeans didn't fit as normal. Now she's in remission and is trying to support others going through a smiliar experience.

It was last December whilst studying for her A levels that Emily was diagnosed.

It started off originally it was just some bloating and then the hard areas began to come up within my stomach. So that isn't normal for having put on a bit of weight when you normally can't get your jeans on so that was what really made me think hang on a minute, what's going on here.

– Emily Clark
Emily Clark has launched her own campaign called Remission Possible Credit: ITV Wales

Following diagnosis, Emily had to go through a intense course of chemotherapy, which made her very ill.

But after just four months she got the all clear, and is now trying to get back to normal

Charity tenovus say it's very important that youngsters are aware of cancer

Younger people do get cancer and it's quite important that kids these days are aware of the signs and symptoms that they may experience. When we talk about cancer like lung cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer, testicular cancer for boys for example, it's really important that young people are aware of the changes in their body - what's normal for them - what isn't normal - and anything that they may be worried about that they go and get checked out as soon as possible.

– Dr Rachel Iredale, Tenovus

Since her own remission Emily has launched a campaign called Remission Possible to help support young people with cancer

She also wants to enourage us to give blood and join the bone marrow register.

After school and university Emily wants to work in medical research. She's determined to try and make remision possible for as many people as she can.