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Meet the couple whose week-long trip became a 16-year adventure

Back in 1998, Clive and Jane Green set off for a week's sailing trip to Spain. That week turned into the trip of a lifetime - and now, after 16 years of globetrotting, they're back home on Welsh soil.

The couple wanted to make sure they could get along living in a cramped 35ft sailboat before attempting an ocean crossing and so decided to take a shorter voyage to Spain. Once they arrived, there was no stopping them.

The pair rented out their home in Abergavenny to fund the early part of the trip before their pensions kicked in and set off to live their dream.

Over the next 16 years, the Greens visited 51 different countries, lived with tribes in the South Pacific and navigated through dangerous waters off the East African coast. And during that time, they say they didn't have a single row.

We made a rule that if ever we fell out, one of us had to leave the cabin and sit on the deck next to the mast. But in 16 years circumnavigating the globe, it didn't happen once.

– Clive Green
The couple started on a week-long voyage to Spain, but ended up travelling the world. Credit: Wales News Service

Clive, 62, and Jane, 60, spent almost £20,000 fitting out their Trident Challenger yacht - the Jane G - and clocked up an average speed of 4.5mph.

They lived on £130 a week, bartering with their belongings for supplies to keep them going - including swapping one of Jane's bras for a sack of fruit and vegetables on the island of Fiji.

Clive and Jane Green share a toast after returning from a 16-year trip around the world.

We have been very lucky to see our planet in such an amazing way - we didn't ever plan to sail around the world, it just happened.

We would sail to a place and then through word-of-mouth from other sailors hear about somewhere else to go on to. That has been our life for the last 16 years - it's been an amazing experience.

– Jane Green

The seasoned travellers are already planning their next adventure on a boat through the canals of Europe.