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NHS volunteer from Wales to tackle Ebola in Sierra Leone

Dr James Lavers at Heathrow ahead of his flight to Sierra Leone Photo: James Lavers

An NHS volunteer from Wales is flying to Sierra Leone today to help fight Ebola.

Dr James Lavers is part of the first group of NHS volunteers to be deployed by the UK Government.

Mr Lavers, 37, works as an Intensive Care Registrar from Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor.

He will complete a week of training before joining British-built Ebola treatment centres across the country.

Mr Lavers is part of a group that includes GPs, nurses, clinicians, and psychiatrists. They will be setting up procedures as well as diagnosing and treating people who have contracted the deadly virus.

Dr James Lavers flies from London today Credit: James Lavers

This could be the biggest medical disaster of my lifetime, killing hundreds of thousands of people in the region. To prevent this from happening and save vast numbers of lives, large scale intervention has to happen now.

I hope that by providing a good level of medical care it will be possible to reduce mortality rates.

– Dr James Lavers

Volunteers such as Mr Lavers have been praised for their bravery in choosing to travel to the worst affected areas.

Volunteers learn what's needed to tackle the spread of Ebola Credit: DFID

They embody the values at the heart of our health service, and their expertise and dedication is second to none.

– Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

I have been really impressed with the numbers of NHS workers who have stepped forward to help the communities that have been devastated by Ebola.

More than a 1000 have come forward so far.

– Dame Sally Davies Chief Medical Officer,

The actions of these selfless volunteers in going and the actions of their colleagues and managers to release them and cover for their duties is testimony if ever there was to the altruism that lies at the core of the NHS.

I am very proud of them all.

– Professor Tony Redmond, Head of UK Med
The skills learned will be put to use in west Africa Credit: DFID

The deployment of NHS volunteers is part of wider UK efforts to control, contain and defeat Ebola. So far the UK has committed £230 million to the response in Sierra Leone.

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