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Careers spotlight - 550 girls turn up for inspiration

ITV Cymru Wales Weather Presenter Kate Lewis helps students try out the forecast Photo: Kyle Westwood/ITV Cymru Wales

To celebrate National Careers Week & International Women's Day a conference was held in Newport to encourage girls to think about more varied careers.

Organised by social enterprise 'Full Circle Education Solutions', the aim was to promote gender equality in the jobs market.

The Director, Nikki Giant, told ITV Cymru Wales about why today was so important:

ITV Cymru Wales Reporter Megan Boot showed students how to use a camera Credit: Kyle Westwood/ITV Cymru Wales
Around 550 young women took part Credit: Kyle Westwood/ITV Cymru Wales
The girls got a chance to present infront of a green screen Credit: Kyle Westwood/ITV Cymru Wales
Students interviewed each other about the day Credit: Kyle Westwood/ITV Cymru Wales

"If we are to eradicate the gender pay gap then we need to encourage young women, who will be our workers of tomorrow, to consider non-traditional roles, roles that generally pay better, have better bonuses, benefits and pensions."

– Nikki Giant, Director of Full Circle Education Solutions
The girls got tips on how to film Credit: Kyle Westwood/ITV Cymru Wales

Lots of organisations and charities attended the event at the Celtic Manor in Newport - including ITV Cymru Wales - to talk to the students about the sorts of roles available in their areas.

Kate explains how to do the forecast Credit: Kyle Westwood/ITV Wales

On the ITV Cymru Wales stand students got a chance to present the weather forecast and interview each other on camera:

Around 550 young women from South Wales and the West Country attended from a range of schools and youth groups. Organisers hope it will help change perceptions and help people think about careers they may not have previously come across.